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May 2024

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I will be speaking with Dr. Gordon Atherley from Family Caregivers Unite! for a podcast on how to help with diabetes for diabetics and their families.

You can get the latest information on the podcast by visiting

Marc Kealey is a lead voice in North America on health reform, integrated health and drug benefit plan enhancement, and healthcare policy. John Wunderlich is an independent information and privacy consultant in Toronto who describes himself as a middle-aged guy with Type II diabetes who’s active in a political party. They discuss diabetes-related challenges. They say how well these challenges are being met by the healthcare system, healthcare professionals and persons with diabetes and their families. For improving the way the challenges are being met, they explore the responsibilities they see for the healthcare system, for healthcare professionals and for persons with diabetes and for their families. Then they say what they would see done to improve responses to the challenges of diabetes, and what would change if their prescriptions for change were implemented.

Tune in on July 26th at 1PM EST.

- Marc Kealey

What healthcare reform should mean for family caregivers.

May 3, 2011 – Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley

Marc Kealey, Chief Advocate, Kealey & Associates, is a lead voice in North America on health reform, enhancement of health and drug plans, and healthcare policy. He describes his own experience with family caregiving, and way this has influenced his views on healthcare reform. He explains the three toughest challenges for healthcare reform in North America. He talks about the challenges for family caregiving, the ways family caregivers help the healthcare system, and the help family caregivers get, and don’t get, from the healthcare system. He identifies the health conditions for which family caregivers particularly need more help, and about the help they need. He explores the help for family caregivers that healthcare reform currently visions, and tells us what he would like to see done through healthcare reform to get more help for family caregivers, and from where and how the help should be provided. He suggests ways in which family caregivers can influence healthcare reformers.

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- Marc Kealey