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Election Hangover in Ontario

Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 11:05 AM

The impact of the federal election is all but a formality.

The PM is calling back the House of Commons with more than a handful of new MPs and a handsome majority to ensure that a conservative agenda will dominate the Canadian body politic.

Many media, political observers and analysts believe that the PM’s Conservative government will define itself as good managers of the economy while being mindful of the needs of Canada’s growing cohort of seniors, those in need, minorities and New Canadians.

This scenario places the PM and his government squarely in the enviable political centre.

In Ontario, we’re almost five months away from a provincial election. The governing Liberals, once thought to be a spent force are defining the agenda for the election – good government, good social policies, good economic managers, good outreach, collaborative where it counts and tough and unafraid when they need to be. In effect, all the hallmarks of a centrist Party.

Notwithstanding the balance of power theory, which has always been alive and well in Ontario, the case cannot be made casually that the hangover from the federal election will permeate the outcome of the election soon to be fought in Ontario.

The media about and public images of the three Leaders in Ontario, the strategies to be employed during the campaign and math will all have an impact on this Ontario election in October of this year.

In as much as we need a provincial government in Ontario that has courage and knows the aspirations of its citizens – the winner of the election in Ontario will be the Party whose mission resonates  successfully from the centre of the political spectrum – and I think we know what Party that could be this fall.

- Marc Kealey
Marc Kealey with China's Buddhist Grand Master Li Ning

Marc Kealey with China's Buddhist Grand Master Li Ning

- Marc Kealey

What healthcare reform should mean for family caregivers.

May 3, 2011 – Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley

Marc Kealey, Chief Advocate, Kealey & Associates, is a lead voice in North America on health reform, enhancement of health and drug plans, and healthcare policy. He describes his own experience with family caregiving, and way this has influenced his views on healthcare reform. He explains the three toughest challenges for healthcare reform in North America. He talks about the challenges for family caregiving, the ways family caregivers help the healthcare system, and the help family caregivers get, and don’t get, from the healthcare system. He identifies the health conditions for which family caregivers particularly need more help, and about the help they need. He explores the help for family caregivers that healthcare reform currently visions, and tells us what he would like to see done through healthcare reform to get more help for family caregivers, and from where and how the help should be provided. He suggests ways in which family caregivers can influence healthcare reformers.

Listen Online –

- Marc Kealey