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December 2010

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Leaks and a Pause for Concern

Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 05:12 PM

The “Wikileaks” reveal an insidious side of human nature, yet are a serious and hard-core symptom of the state of politics today.

Notwithstanding that the US is red faced over this whole ordeal, Canada’s now firmly ensconced in the matter regarding certain people, process and politicians.

What are we doing? The leaks, in my opinion, are a reaction to the absolute mistrust, anger and frustration that the average person has toward what can be characterized as “the elites”.

The issue is not that we need to hunt down who leaked the items, but why!

Think about Canada – former CSIS Director Jim Judd was a great leader in that organization, who became quite frustrated and angry about how the political process, the current cast of elected politicians, the bureaucracy, the justice system and, frankly, the media have been immature about dealing with the threats of terror in Canada.

We’re hung up, in our current political process, about being so correct as not to offend that we will, seemingly, put at risk our own safety.

As an advocate for government reform in areas like prescription medication costs and patient access to care, I have been subjected to security threats and largely they have been ignored or viewed as dramatic.

I have been intimately involved in repatriating Canadians who have been wrongly imprisoned abroad and heard snickers from Canadian politicians and media that maybe the person deserved what they got.

At the same time, I see lobbyists get advanced peeks at government announcements and rigged bids for government contracts or procurement occur time and time again.

Wow! We do this a lot in Canada. No wonder people are angry, frustrated and reactive.

Unless citizens take matters into their own hands and start to push back against this institutionalization of politics by getting active in the process, seeking democratic renewal and demanding that politicians and their bureaucrats perform better and in our collective best interests, we will most certainly continue to see these kinds of activities like leaked documents invade our falsely secure and pretty little worlds.

- Marc Kealey

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